Switch My Trip

Switch My Trip introduces drive-alone commuters to different modes of transportation (carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, using transit, and telecommuting) the week of February 20 - 24, 2017. Sharing the ride reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and promotes better health and thriving communities. Log your commute and get a free slice of Buddy's pizza and a chance to win great prizes.

Logged Trips

Everyday new people are switching from their drive alone commute and trying a greener way to work

What the riders are saying...

  • Bus rider

    What the riders are saying...

    “Taking the bus to work has helped me save well over $40 a month on gas (not to mention saving on parking). It also allows me to spend my commuting time doing other things, like reading and texting, that I wouldn’t normally be able to do if I was driving myself.”

    - Ted

  • About carpooling

    What the riders are saying...

    “Better than always having to drive my own car (saves money); also less stressful on days I'm a rider instead of a driver.”

    - Bill

  • Vanpoolers

    What the riders are saying...

    “It is convenient, it helps others out, and it is good for the environment.”

    -vanpoolers from Ann Arbor to Detroit

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